Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fake "Mitt Romney" Endorses Ron Paul before Iowa Caucus

The video begins with a costumed actor saying, "I am Fake Mitt Romney, which makes me remarkably like the real Mitt Romney... I took a break from picking up a check at Goldman Sachs to talk to you, America." He then asks viewers to skip the video, because they will most likely change their vote to Ron Paul after watching.

"With the impersonation, we wanted to exaggerate Romney's most defining features" says Stephen Oskoui, Co-founder of Endorse Liberty. "Writing our script was easy, because the real Mitt Romney is as much an actor as the guy in our video. It seems like everything he says is filtered through focus groups. We also wanted to point out that Romney's top contributors are all banks like Goldman Sachs that took billions in bailouts from American taxpayers. Contrast that with Ron Paul's top contributors; the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Army, and the U.S. Navy."
After the introduction, viewers then transition to a 10 minute presentation featuring Ron Paul speaking on the House floor over the past 30 years. The presentation shows that Ron Paul predicted the housing market bubble and the economic collapse. Viewers also see interviews with U.S. military veterans explaining why Ron Paul receives more donations from active duty military servicemen and women than all the other candidates combined, including President Obama.

When the presentation finishes, Fake Mitt Romney returns to the screen. "Look, a lot of people have labeled me a flip-flopper. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not, but after watching that video, one thing is for sure; I am endorsing Ron Paul for President." Fake Mitt Romney continues by asking viewers to also endorse Ron Paul. "If you are still undecided about Ron Paul" he says, "click this video." Viewers are led to another presentation, "to see why the mainstream media and we big government establishment Republicans don't support Ron Paul, but our troops overwhelmingly support him, and I now see why they don't support me!"

Fake Mitt Romney wraps up with the advice, "Your friends are not going to get this message from the mainstream media, so please endorse Ron Paul to share this message with your friends." He ads, "To clarify, I am still running. I just won't be voting for myself. I am Fake Mitt Romney and I approve this message." The video finishes with his phone ringing. He picks up and reads the caller-ID. "Goldman Sachs, I better let them know."

About Endorse Liberty
Endorse Liberty is an alliance of entrepreneurs, inventors and creators who have come together to promote the cause of liberty as the founding principle that powers America.

"Liberty is the foundation of American culture, and so we believe America can regain its place as the world's role model. We endorse and promote leaders who champion liberty."


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