Monday, January 2, 2012

Something Wicked this Way Comes

The year 2011 has almost reached its end. Some say, at the point of a major psychic shift, time seems to speed up – known as the Quickening. While I am not a predictor of the future, my eyes can in fact see through the veil of lies and illusions. The good news is, I am not the only one who senses something is amiss with our current world-state. Regardless of my belief that there is a predetermined agenda being orchestrated against the people of the world, you also will have to face the coming Brave New World System.
The internet has been a scourge to this hidden agenda, as bloggers everywhere are continuing to sound the alarm of impending doom. While I cannot stop the coming changes, I can raise my voice until the masses wake up, for only then can we subdue the powerful Elitist class. Without rehashing all the devastating events caused by the Elites – dollar debasement, terrorism fears, wealth distribution etc. – we need to discuss ways to protect against these calamities.

Regardless what country you are from, the hedges I am suggesting are universal to all. We are all one family, even though a small cabal of Elitists would tend to disagree.
Firstly, we need to rebuild our communities e.g. reaching out to our neighbors. There was a time not so long ago where those in a neighborhood would look out for each other. Neighbors would socialize, help and care about one another as much as they cared about their own families. When did this neighborly camaraderie come to an end? I purpose the end came when a television in every room became the norm. Once the mind-numbing “blue glow” was in every room, we ceased to go outside for connection to others and instead received the connection from the illusion portrayed on our favorite TV shows. We are inherently social creatures and have survived this long, only due to that fact. Only be taking care of each other and protecting one another, especially during times of crisis, has been the difference for us being alive today. So, as the time of change approaches let us make it a goal to reach out to our neighbors and get to know them on a personal level. Let them know you are there to help them with any need, and they likewise will return that courtesy. Doing this little action will become the first step to regaining what we have all lost as human beings – empathy.

Secondly, we need to get our financial lives in order. Let me state now, that I am NOT talking about obtaining the correct stock/bond ratio. In fact, I would (and did) get out of all financial index markets entirely. We all work very hard to make money (green pieces of paper), but what happens during a currency debasement? I know you already know the answer to this question – our green (or blue or whatever color) paper loses its value almost instantly during a time of crisis. People in the U.S. have not had to face the currency debasement issue before, but our time is coming. The reality is currency crashes are never pretty or controlled; in fact, they are chaotic and frightening. So what do we do? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “Buy Physical Gold and Silver.” Ask anyone that has ever gone through a currency crash (Argentina, Russia, Belarus, Zimbabwe and others) and they will tell you that Gold and Silver were unattainable during the debasement and virtually priceless. Therefore, while precious metals are still attainable, I would advise you should acquire them while you still can.

Thirdly, it is time to obtain some type of protection. Now the word “protection” means different things to different people, but can mean Firearms, Dogs, Alarm Systems, Stun Guns, and the like. During times of crisis, do not expect people to act civilized and levelheaded. I stick by the statement “Better to have and not need, versus Need and not have”.

Fourthly, now is the time to develop productive hobbies. Maybe it is time to finally get in shape, at least be able to run a mile without passing out. Other beneficial knowledge would be how to grow a garden, how to live without electricity and knowing basic medical care. Now is the time to learn these skills while society is civil, not during times of chaos. Lastly, when was the last time you went camping? Can we even survive without our iPhones or better yet without a working stove?

My final and most important suggestion is to stop watching television. Before you look away in disgust, hear me out. Think back and tell me what is on television that either teaches or enriches your mind? Even the History Channel plays reality TV shows now, so the whole media outlet is hopeless. The good news is most TV shows replay as streams on the internet (and for free). Therefore, there is no real reason to continue wasting our money to waste our minds. I personally gave up TV eight months ago and I swear to you I have missed nothing important. During this time, I have even read a book or two; remember what those are? The main benefit of shutting the TV off is you will no longer see or hear the daily propaganda. The talking-heads can no longer alter your state of perception and you will quickly see through the veil of lies and deceit. Turn the TV off.

In Summary,

1. Reach out and meet your neighbors
2. Get out of the markets and buy Gold and Silver
3. Protect yourself against physical violence
4. Learn a production hobby
5. Cancel your TV service

If we all take heed of these suggestions, we will be on a path to defeating the NWO and its agenda.

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