Saturday, May 19, 2012

Born In Kenya: Fact or Fiction?

Considering the following appeared as a Acton & Dystel biography for President Barack Obama for over 15 years, perhaps it’s time an official investigation be opened into the President’s background. Constitutional law is clear on this matter, stating that only a natural born citizen can be President of the United States (meaning, arguably, that he or she must be born on U.S. soil). As such, it is well within the right of the people to demand that his birthplace be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. He is, after all, the “most powerful man in the world” as acting U.S. President.

Fact or fiction? (You really never know with Mr. Obama)
Breitbart News has obtained a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, which touts Obama as “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”
The booklet, which was distributed to “business colleagues” in the publishing industry, includes a brief biography of Obama among the biographies of eighty-nine other authors represented by Acton & Dystel.
It also promotes Obama’s anticipated first book, Journeys in Black and White–which Obama abandoned, later publishing Dreams from My Father instead.

This biography was more than likely approved by President Obama himself; either that or he chose to never request a correction, suggesting there may very well be truth to it.

The American people have been subjected to a massive expansion of the police and welfare state under his reign. At the very least we should know with 100% certainty whether the man signing the legislation and Executive Orders is, in fact, an American by birth.

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