Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fundamentally Changing America: Obama Then and Now

When President Obama promised Americans ‘hope and change’ during the run up to the 2008 Presidential election his supporters thought he meant a change for the better.

Few would have believed that when Barack Obama said he would “fundamentally change America,” it would actually make things worse – much worse.

This latest video montage from Fox News and now disavowed by the network as the work of a rogue associate producer, has democrats and some republicans claiming it is biased against the President and reminiscent of 1930′s propaganda.

The video, which takes a look at where the nation stood on jobs, prices for food and energy, the national debt, and government assistance programs, compares how far we’ve come (or fallen) since President Obama took office.

Propaganda? Maybe. Probably. It is, after all, the mainstream media.

But facts are facts, and instead of making this about the journalistic integrity of organizations that have long since lost their credibility with a large segment of Americans because they are clearly in the business of entertainment and not news reporting, perhaps we should actually consider the content of the message itself.

Obama – Then and Now:

Key Statistics comparing 2008 and 2012:

National Debt Then: $10 Trillion
Now: $15.7 Trillion (Up 57%)

Jobless Rate Then: 7.8%
Now: 8.3% (officially)

Food Stamp Dependence Then: 28.2 Million
Now: 46.2 Million (Up 63%)

Price of Gas Then: $2.50 /Gal
Now: $3.68 /Gal (Up 47%)

Price of Beef Then: $2.35 /lb
Now: $3.01 /lb (Up 28%)

Price of Bacon Then: $3.75 /lb
Now: $4.60 /lb (Up 23.3%)

Price of Bread Then: $1.97
Now: $2.05 (Up 4%)

Families with no Savings Then: 18.%
Now: 23.4%

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